I am having trouble doing a middle tier login.
My workstation is running Windows XP SP1 and has been added to the domain.
I am running the ZENworks 6.5 agent with no Novell client installed.

Whe I try to login, I supply my user ID and password and after hitting OK,
it does nothing for a few minutes then it logs into the domain and I get
the desktop. Whe I start NAL, I get the spyglass for a few minutes and then
it goes to disconnected mode.

I have one server running Windows 2003 Enterprise with ZENworks 6.5 Desktop
Management and Middle Tier server installed.

When I installed eDirectory, I used the LDAP ports 399 and 646 so not to
conflict with Active Directory.

I've added the registry entry referenced in TID 10094968 and unchecked the
"Require TLS for simple binds with password" in the LDAP group object but
neither helped.

I have also tested LDAP and I can successfully browse the directory.

Any help would be greatly appreciated.