Ok, Iím in a dilemma here. We would like to pilot an installation of
Windows 2003 Terminal Server (Versus Citrix) and hereís alittle background.
We are currently running ZFD4 throughout the WAN and we do not (and will
not) use DLU on the general workstation population but am willing to use it
on the Terminal Server (I was planning on using the TS Policy). In reading
the forums, Iíve read that ZFD4 does not support Win2003 and I need to move
to ZEN6.5. However, ZEN 6.5 does not have a Terminal Server policy and
Iíve got to create a new Group policy. Soooooo, back to the original
questionÖ..How do I tie DLU to ONLY the terminal server and itís users?

Also, I cannot seem to get Workstation Manager running on my 2003 server.
I installed 4.90sp2 along with the zfd6.5 agent. All seems to install
fine, but there are no policies listed when I manually run wmsched. It
does not load automatically for some reason and the event log states it
timed out. If I go into the client properties, I donít even see
Workstation Manager there. Re-install via client properties and I can, but
I throw all sorts of errors. Any clues here as well? (what have other
folks successfully installed on 2003)