I have been having a strange problem and was wondering if anyone else
has seen it or has any ideas.

When we install either the hotpatch3 or Update2 beta agents on
workstations (to fix the slow logout problem), the workstations forget
that they are registered in eDirectory and proceed to re-import
themselves the next time they reboot.

This causes problems because we normally have our workstations moved
into specific containers that correspond to classrooms and computer
labs, which allows us to assign policies and applications to the
computers based on what room they are in.

The only way that we have found to fix things so far is to delete the
defunct workstation objects, move the new ones into their correct
containers, and restore any app and policy associations.

I thought that it might be caused by something funny about how we are
pushing the agent down to workstations as an application object, but I
checked and it does the same thing if you install the new agent manually.