I'd like to start a side conversation related to this thread, if you
all don't mind.

I have hundreds of workstations running NAL and application objects
just fine under ZfD 3.2. We need to get the 6.5 Agent rolled out to
all of those workstations. Rather than doing the snapshot method, I'd
like to just run the MSI file with a transform that makes the
installation silent.

I've built an application object from, or with, the ZfD Agent.msi (no
transforms yet) but I can't get that application object to run on the
workstations. The application is associated with the user and is
available to run but when I run it, nothing happens. The application
log file says it was successful.

Eventually, I want to associate the application with a workstation
group and add in a transform for silent installation.

Any help will be appreciated.