While trying to upgrade our agent from the last beta to the most recent
beta I was getting an error that the Novell ZFD Remote Management service
could not be stopped because I didn't have rights. Novell's only TID i
could find suggested disabling it, restarting, then installing. I don't
know how to disable a service from my desk so instead I tried to figure
out what was hanging it up. I got around it by running an application to
kill the zenrem32.exe process. If that process is not running the update
will run just fine. There's an executable in the System32 folder on XP
workstations called taskkill.exe. The command I issued was
taskkill /f /im zenrem32.exe. That forced the task to stop then the agent
installs just fine. I hope this helps someone and saves them the day it
took me to mess around with it and make sure it worked.