we are in the process of migrating from zenworks for desktops 4.01 to
zenworks for desktops 6.5. we have netware 6 sp4 on all of our servers.
we created new group policies (to start "fresh") and have placed them in
a different location on our server (to maintain some sort of integrity).
rolling out the zfd6.5u2 agent through nal/msi installer onto xp sp1 and
windows 2k machines with 4.00.1016.

the install runs fine with no problems, but the machines do not reflect
changes we have made in our "new" policies.

however, if we do a complete manual removal of the old agent and THEN
install the agent 6.5u2 policies are being applied.

in one instance, removing the profile that was created on the machine was
the only way that "new" policies would apply.

does this have something to do with DLU and user profiles? we are not
using volatile user DLU, but should we be?

if we have to change how we deploy DLU, we can handle that, but i cannot
fathom the thought of manually uninstalling agents and reinstalling
agents on 10,000 machines in our district...

if you need policy logs, ive got em...the logs show that the "new"
policies are being referred to and copied to cache...but they are not
being applied. and in our first school where we've tested we have made
MAJOR changes in the policy, so it's not that there aren't any policy

thanks for any advice!
Rachel Watts