Novell ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management - ZfD6.5
Novell ZENworks for Desktops 4.0.1 - ZfD4.0.1

Upgrade from ZfD 4 Agent to ZfD 6.5 Agent results in network
connectivity loss.

Cannot log into eDir after installing the ZENworks 6.5 Management Agent

Error: "A required network service has not started" appears after
installing ZfD 6.5 Agent.

Client machines being upgraded had the shipping version of the
ZfDAgent.msi installed

Prior to upgrading to the ZfD 6.5 agent from ZfD 4, install the
ZfDAgent.msi version 4.00.1093.40329 dated 29 Mar 2004.

Steps to Duplicate:
1- From a working XP SP1 workstation (Dell 260/270) with the Novell
Client 4.9sp1a, login to a NetWare server, map drives, get policies etc
from ZfD401sp1b without any problems.
2- Install the zfdagent.msi from the ZENworks 6.5 CD or from the server
where ZEN 6.5 was installed (F:\PUBLIC\zenworks\ZfDAgent\English) by
accepting the defaults of the Agent install (no modification of the MSI)
and reboot the workstation.
3- Workstation boots up and the Novell Client GINA prompt is displayed,
but a message is displayed that "A required network service has not
4- Login to Workstation Only, look in the event viewer, see several
errors pointing to the Novell Client, Target Service Agent, Xtier etc,
no specific dll listed.

Document Title: Upgrade from ZfD 4 Agent to ZfD 6.5 Agent
Document ID: 10094496
Solution ID: NOVL98739
Creation Date: 03SEP2004
Modified Date: 03SEP2004
Novell Product Class: Management Products