Had an issue that's been driving me nuts for the last couple of weeks....

I have a couple of test users, roaming profiles enabled. I've deleted the
Workstation 5.1 directory from their home directories so there is no profile
to pull down for them. I image up a new machine, and install the 65u2
ZenAgent, and then log in as the user (say testabc). I check out My
Documents on the workstation and it's called My Documents.... Log out as the
user, check the profile on the server, and it shows at testabc's Documents.

Went thru various loops with this... This is the behaviour of the 65u2
client. If I reimage the workstation, and install the 4.00.1093-40329
version of the agent (I cant remember which 'release' this was), then when I
go thru the same process, the My Documents folder on the server shows as My
Documents, and not as testabc's Documents.

Is this a known issue? Is there a fix for it...?