Hello all,

I have a post in the client forum about this however I feel it's zen
related since it started happening after I pushed out group policies
this week.

I have about 7 machines in 3 locations that now boot up with the windows
login instead of the novell login. What is happening is that the
initial novell login on the advanced tab of the client properties is
getting turned off. All machines are Windows XP Sp1, with Client 4.9sp2
and Zen 6.5 U2 agent.

I created these policies on a clean Windows XP SP2 machine due to the
SP2/Zen security corruption issue.

There is nothing in the policies about the novell client. I haven't
tried to put the 4.9 admin files in or anything. I can't see anything
in the policies that would effect this.

Perhaps the fact that the policies were created with XP SP2 and the
clients only have SP1?

I'm not sure why all 160+ of my users are not seeing this problem. But
it's affecting about 2-3 machines per day at this point. I have not had
any repeat offenders after correcting the problem on a machine.