Hello all,

Netware 6.5 sp2, Zen 6.5 (u2, dict 2, img update). There is a 95/5%mix of
Windows XP Sp1 and Windows XP SP2

I have 6 user/computer policies that were created on a Windows XP SP1
workstation. I have 90+ customizations in each of the policies.

I installed XP SP2 on my workstation. I also installed GPMO SP1, adminpac,
and a few other group policy tools. When I open an existing policy, I get
the XP SP1 policies. When I create a new policy, the policy is populated
with the XP SP2 stuff.

You know what the question is, and unfortunately, I think I know what the
answer is.

I would like to either use my existing policies and add the XP SP2 features
to it, or I can create new policies, but I would like to merge in my exist
custimizations. I do not want to have to create a new policy and then, by
hand, customize is with my existing settings.

I have tried the "import" feature using the policies that I store on my
Novell server, not on AD. I do not have AD policies. This did not work.

Any better ideas?


Tom Hafemann