Ok, very strange. We've just upgraded from ZW 4 to ZW 6.5 We're
updating the workstation management agents from ZenWorks 4.1b to ZenWorks
6.5 The installs are being done under an Admin user package. If we log
back into the workstation after the re-boot as an Admin, everything works
fine. However, as soon as we try to log in under our standard
user/package, we get the Novell Client Login, enter username and pw, hit
ok and the system appears to be loading and then reboots. This behavior
is only occurring on Windows 2000 SP4 PC's (fully patched) but not on
Windows XP SP2 PC's. We can log into the XP's as a standard user without
any problems. Anyone else run into this and is there a fix less
associating everyone to the admin user package?????