We’re installing Zfd 6.5 on our Netware 6.5 sp2 server, and Win XP sp2
clients. Everything seems ok but we have one major issue. Novell zfd Remote
Management service is stuck in “starting” mode. If I do a taskkill and then
restarts the service, it starts ok but I’m not able to do a remote
connection (so it’s probably not startet right?). I’ve read a TID
explaining how to bypass this issue during an upgrade (does not apply to
us), and a thread (ZFD Remote Management Agent from Oct 16 2004) that seems
to be exactly the same issue, including Officescan, that we’re
experiencing. Only thing is that this thread doesn’t seem to give any
conclusion. My big “selling point” for implementing Zen in our company was
in fact remote management, so I really need to get this up and running. I
was told that ZfD 6.5 SP1 is to be released in march, but obviously I can’t
wait that long… I’m suspecting Trend Officescan personal firewall/Damage
cleanup even though disabling trend services doesn’t help. If anyone has
any kind of suggestion I’ll be a very happy man…

Kind regards

Kjell Rune Bjørvang