we are running strictly win2k:sp4 & winxp:sp1 machines with 4 types of zen
user profiles. one of them will always bring up the desktop as 256 colors,
but the nal icons look great (16-bit or above). when they venture to the
display control panel, it shows there colors listed as 16-bit, but if they
change a minor detail and click apply, the colors on the desktop actually
kick in and look like they should. we do have group policies in effect for
this profile, but the store path is shared with another user profile and
they don't have this problem. both profiles have 'windows desktop profiles'
enabled as well with 'show icons using all possible colors' selected. the
main difference between the 2 profiles is that the one that doesn't work has
'roaming profiles' enabled and the other doesn't.

it is very inconsisent, but it occurs the majority of the time. it never
used to happen in ZEN3.2, but it did happen in ZEN4 and now ZEN6.5. all
policies were recreated with the latest c1 6.5 snap-ins.

hasanyone seen this before?