We are introducing Windows XP SP2 workstations in our all Windows 2000
environment. Just upgraded to ZDM 6.5 using the Beta Update 2,
previously using version 4.

In regards to group policies, I currently use workstation associated
policy packages to push group policies at workstation starup. Is it best
to have separate policy packages for Windows 2000 and Windows XP? I
tried using the existing policy package, seleting the Windows XP tab
option and using the same file location, but it appears that no new XP
policies are avaialble. I decided to use a separage policy package, but
am wondering whether I should be using the same, or maybe I should not
be using the same file location?

Also, I want to force XP machines to look like the 2000 machines. Using
the Display\Theme policies, enabling a policy and specifying a theme
file, or leave it blank to apply the Windows Classic theme. In doing
this (leaving it blank), I'm not getting any change in the theme when
rebooting (all other policies seem to be working as expected). Any else
tried doing this? Maybe I need to do this at user login?

Thanks for any suggestions.

Todd Kreuter