Have recently (finally!) upgraded from Zen 3.2 SP3 to ZDM 6.5 with Update 2.
Servers are Netware 6.5 SP2. Clients are still running 4.90 SP2 w/Zen 3.2
components, no NMAS or Zfdagent.

I have workstation import working using new 6.5 policies. New workstation
objects are successfully created by both 3.2 clients and test ZFDAgent
clients. However, for existing 3.2 workstation objects who are
re-registering, I get the following in the zenwsimport.log file (dloglevel
set to 3):

Feb 1, 2005 3:12:06 PM Connection opened: /
Feb 1, 2005 3:12:06 PM request =
Feb 1, 2005 3:12:06 PM Server Package_SERVER20:NetWare:Workstation
Feb 1, 2005 3:12:06 PM Found workstation: Computer1.Workstations.Org
Feb 1, 2005 3:12:06 PM Could not get the workstation
Feb 1, 2005 3:12:06 PM Connection closed: /

The line with "Could not get the workstation ID" also appears on the console
with dloglevel set to 1, so it is worrisome. But is it just cosmetic? What
exactly happens at re-registration time... updating the IP address and user
history, I guess, anything else? I'm trying to figure out if the
re-registration is failing or succeeding.

Phillip E. Thomas