After seven straight days of trying, I cannot for the life o*f me get
the following software to coexist:

1) Windows XP Pro SP2
2) Novell Client 4.90 SP2 (
3) iFolder 2.1.3 04/05/31
4) iPrint 3.12.00
5) Symantec Anti-virus Corporate Edition v9.0.2.100
6) Zenworks for Desktops 6.5

I have a 192.168.202.* class C network that I've added to th*e trusted
zone. I can log in just fine via Dynamic Local User. I get* past the
initial Novell login screen and then I get a blank black scr*een about
70% of the time. I wait and wait, but nothing ever happens.* The
computer itself isn't completely locked up because when I hi*t
ctrl-alt-delete I am presented with a screen that says "Load*ing your
personal settings." After that, the only thing I can do is *power off
the computer.

Seems like I can get logged in the FISRT time, but if I log out, then immediately
log back in, I get the locked screen at "Loading your personal setting" every
subsequent fine.

Sometimes I will get to the desktop but not all of my 'load *on login'
programs (like iFolder, Zen NAL, etc). If I try to shut dow*n Zone
Alarm _eventually_ things will finish loading. Zone Alarm d*oesn't
indicate anything in the logs about denying programs access.* In fact,
I get all kinds of messages about ZA allowing SLP and NCP.

Now, I'm not ZA slouch. ZA Pro 4 works just fine. Unfortun*ately one
cannot purchase ZA Pro 4 anymore.

I remember something about a 'single step' loading when logg*ing into
XP - similar to the DOS F8 autoexec.bat/config.sys single-st*ep. I
cannot remember what that procedure is.

Anyone offer any ideas on where to go? Even suggestions on *another
firewall program are welcome.