Currently using Netware 6.5 Service Pack 2, Zenworks 6.5.
We were using Zenworks 6.5, we are working with group policies. We have set one user packages with policies set with enabled restrictions. User IDS, ( IDS are used in labs ) are using this user package to enforce restrictions on machines.
And we also have another user package with default policies set, which have no enabled restrictions. Other user IDS use this user package .
We normally login as student user with the enforced policies to limit operations performed by the student.
Then for troubleshooting purposes, we login to the machines as users with not enabled restrictions.

Whant is happening is that when we logon to a machine using enforced policies, the policies take effect.
But when we try to login using an ID without enabled policies, the enabled policy restrictions are still in effect. The user package without group policies does not take into effect.

Tried other user IDS from other Context's which are associated with the User package with no enabled restrictions. But the enabled policy restrictioins are still in effect.

Some of the labs on campus have Zenworks 4.5.
On these labs I am able to login to the machines as either user ID and have their policies enforced.
I can login as a user, with no enabled restrictions, in different Contexts associated with this User Package, the restricted policies go away and I am able to operate the machine normally in order to troubleshoot.
I can login as a user, with enabled restrictons, and the restricted policies take effect.
Also login as a different user without policy restrictions, and the restricted policies go away.