I think this is the zen65sp1 beta agent, can anyone confirm that is it? as the download from
calls it BETA Zenworks 6.5sp1 but then calls it Novell ZENworks 6.5
Server Management Support Pack 1, then under the issue heading it
calls it Novell ZENworks 6.5 Desktop Management Support Pack 1 and
February 11, 2005 DRAFT! (note it is the 7th of feb today!).

or is this not quite released yet?

it also says to look at tid 10093355 for details of the fixes, but it
does not list them yet! Have i jumped the gun?

I am hoping that this new agent actually contains
1) an up to date NWGINA, ( U2/hotpatch4 didn't and you had keep
applying NWGINA10 after installing the agent)
2) "the random group policies not applying fix from hotpatch4"
3) the remote control service stuck in starting fix (later version of
zenrem32.exe that actually works but didn't get put in U2 or