I've now learned to use iManager2.0.2
It replaced everything from ConsoleOne and i think iManager is a better
use than C1.
The problem for us now, if you can call it a problem, that ZfD must still
manage trough C1.
Why havent Novell made a Plugin for iManager? If they did so, then we
could use iManager to everything, and Novell save themselves for alot of
work to improve C1!

Why do Novell still "invest" in ConsoleOne and not convert completely to

Server: NW6.5 SP2
Client: 4.9 SP2
ZfD 6.5

BTW: I have an upgrade from ZfD4.0.1 and wondering what patch i must
include!? I've heard that SP1-Beta is out, but i guess it's only for
test-enviroment. What "Big issue" do we experience with ZfD6.5?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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