we recently updated our Novell 6.5 Cluster from ZFD 3.2 to ZFD 6.5 SP1.
Our Workstation are running on Windows XP, SP2.
The server works fine all the time, but the workstations in our testlab
making trouble.

Scenario 1:
Fresh XP installation with installed 4.90 SP2 Client (without old
Zenworks components)
- After a full install of ZfD 6.5 Mgm Agent and rebooting the system DLU
works exactly for one login. I noticed that the problem is caused by an
old version of zenpol32.dll in the Windows\system32 directory. When i
delete this file it is automaticly restored from anywhere after the next
login. My question: what process restores the file after each login and
from where get's it copyed? How can i stop this?

-The installation registers the workstation manager (wm) as ZFDWM in
windows services, but two remote-management servies have dependencies on
WM service and will not start automatic(WOL-Service and wuser32.exe
Service). when i correct the dependencies in registry to WM this works
fine. whats wrong there?

Scenario 2:
Old workstation with XP, Client 4.90 SP2 and ZfD 3.2 Services installed.

- After installing ZfD 6.5 Mgm Agent not all old ZfD 3.2 components are
removed. That are all the services linked in the property of the
LAN-Connection in the network connection folder of XP. I.e.
Remotemanagement, Workstation Manager(Scheduler), Zenworks Application
Launcher. On a fresh install this servies are not located in the nework
properties but in the global xp services list. Is this correct and
working as expected?

Christian Kober