I am a little bit confused by the following TID:

We are goign to be updating our Novell Super Installer (Client32 + ZEN
Agent), and I have held off on including the ZEN 6.5 agent because of
all of the problems with the first version (memory leaks, workstation
inventory service crashing, BSoDs, etc).

Now that ZEN 6.5 SP1 is out (and its updated agent), I am hoping to
include it in the installer.

I couldn't find the document for the ZEN 6.5 SP1 agent which existed for
other ZEN rleases which explained the zen agent installation procedure
(along with the msiexec properties, etc).

Soooo ... are there any scenarious in which attempting to install ZEN
6.5 SP1 agent onto an older ZEN 4.x/6.y is going to cause a problem? I
don't know how many of them we have out there, but if a machine has the
original ZEN 4.0 agent do we need to upgrade the agent to a newer ZEN
4.x agent and THEN install ZEN 6.5 agent, as the TID implies?