Im trying to set up policy for workstation import/removal.
I have created policy for this and tryed to registred DNS record.
Since we have a NW6.5 server registred with an A-record, then i tought i
only need to add an CNAME; zenwsimport.domain.no -> nwserver.domain.no
This didnt work.
Then i created an A Record; zenweimport.domain.no -> IP-address
This didnt work(Can't ping)
At the end i added in the host-file on one workstation and this time i
could Ping and get reply for zenwsimport

But i can't get this workstation to be importet. In Zfd3.2 there is an
wsreg.log in C: but now this file doesnt exist anymore in ZfD6.5

How can i troubleshoot this WS Import/Removal?

Best regard,
Ronny Simonsen
Narvik - Norway

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