I've read a lot of TID's and posts on this, but we're still getting

Trying to install ZFDAgent.MSI using these commandline options:

"msiexec.exe /i
\\zen-lab\sys\PUBLIC\zenworks\ZfDAgent\English\ZfDAgent. msi /qb!

The problem we're having is if we have all these options, the agent
never gets fully installed (no app explorer, no ZENWORKS_TREE is set in
the registry.

We are able to get it to install like this:

msiexec.exe /i
\\zen-lab\sys\PUBLIC\zenworks\ZfDAgent\English\ZfDAgent. msi /qb!

The above works. However, we don't get the ZEN tree set in the
registry and therefore, workstation registration doesn't work.

Now we could manually push out the REG hack later, but it seems
awefully kludgy to do it that way. Isn't there a way to install the
ZFDAgent.MSI with all the options we want first? We've spent the
entire afternoon working with the InstallShield Admin Studio, and we
can't get anything really functional out of it. I suppose I could read
through the 1400+ page documentation for that, but I can't understand
why I can't just create a response file (is that an MST?) And have the
install just run unprompted...

Any ideas on this?



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