Bug in nwgina.dll with policies in Windows 2000 SP 4

Netware 6.5sp2
Zenworks 6.5

Some policies (e.g hide desktop) of users with roaming profiles on Windows
2000 workstations will not be applied with the latest nwgina.dll.in (.in?)
+ sp2post patches or zfdagent 6.5 sp1
The only good version of nwgina.dll is the release in 4.90sp2.<spatie>The
nwgina.dll (the beta versions also) made after sp2 have this bug.
We have this problem with 600 users with existing roaming profiles. If we
delete the profile (only the ntuser.dat) the problem is solved.
Unfortunately, it is impossible for us to delete all the roaming profiles.
We have also made new policies from scratch (with only disable desktop),
but that didn't help.
We have made debug logs but they didn't give us good information.

I hope someone can help us out.Who has sugestions