Ok, I'm having login problems. Let me just list the steps.

I have installed this from scratch: A windows XPsp2 machine with Client 4.91
(with all the latest small patches) and zfdagent 6.5.1.

As soon as I install the zen agent (It doesn't matter which version, I get
the same exact login script errors).

After first login: Login-lgnwnt32.dll-890: The specified server is unknown.
(regarding the master server), also it fails with login-lgnwnt32.dll-740:
This utility could not execute external program \\server\share\path\acu.exe.
Then it keeps the login screen open.

After second login: It has the same errors, except for the 740 error, but
still the core server is unavailable.

After third login: Login is successful.

This error ceases after removing the zfdagent. It also will reoccur any
time there is a computer name or domain change.

Any ideas why?