I have DLU running successfully for 99.9% of my users - most are volatile
users, the others are roaming. What I'm trying to achieve for the other .1%
of us (the admins) is the ability to seamlessly login to the local machine
as the local administrator. Currently, we create 5 accounts on all machines
for administrators, so we don't have to manually type in administrator & the
password if we ever sit down at end-user workstations.

In 3 different zen versions now (3.x, 4.x, 6.5.x) this hasn't worked
properly in my opinion. I create a DLU policy that is associated with all
of our admins and tell it to login as username 'Administrator', make sure
'volatile' is un-checked, and select 'manage existing account if exists' or
something similiar. I also make the user a member of 'Administrators' just
for grins (I don't know if this is necessary).

When I login the 1st time as an Admin user, everything works perfectly. I
get the Administrator's profile (local machine) and am not prompted to login
to the local machine as anyone. However, when I logout, the Administrator
account & profile are both deleted from the machine and I receive the
'Default User' profile on the next admin login.

I'm just trying to have all 4 admins share the local machine Administrator
account & profile upon every login. Is this possible? Am I doing something
incorrect? Any help is appreciated.

Josh Messerschmitt