We have a 2003 terminal server configured as follows:

-NOT a domain controller or in a domain (workgroup setup)
-ZFD 6.5 SP1a agent installed
-Windows 2003 SP1 installed
-Intended to be a terminal server only. No MS domain exists here.

We have two novell servers, each running NW 6.5. One the original one, we
have zen 3.2 running, and on the "new" one, we have installed ZFD 6.5 SP1a.

When it comes to policies, I'm editing the existing user policies from Zen
3.2 with the snapins installed on the NEW server. I see the options for
Terminal Server 2003. It also supports the options we use on the 3.2
side....I was told that this would be ok, and I could edit the existing 3.2
policies with the 6.5 snapins.

I have setup DLU for the Win 2003 terminal server policy, and that worked
immediately. I'm also trying to set desktop preferences (such as colors)
and use group policies, but these are NOT working. Running the WMSCHED GUI
shows that the policy exists (specifically the 2003 Terminal Server policy)
and that it was run, but my preferences (such as IE security settings) are
not changing at all.

There's very little debug information available. The Zen 6.5 documentation
is terrible when it talks about terminal server configurations. Are there
any tricks for me to try? Any places to look for problems?


admin AT hartfordjt1.k12.wi.us