This is regarding the PC LOCKDOWN for Windows XP users.
I am trying to impose restriction for some of the administrative activates
on Windows XP system for the users when they login to there Novell Netware
server using there Novell Netware user name & password.
I am using ZEN Work 6.5 User Policy Package – Group Policy for windows XP.
The policy is working fine for the normal users, i.e. when they are login
to the Netware server with username & password & as local Administrator of
Windows XP system the policy is in effect.
Now my requirement is if the user by-pass the Novell authentication and
login to windows XP as local administrator still it should have restricted
policy for this I selected the policy to get cache to the local system so
that if user by pass the Novell Netware login and only login o Windows XP
system still they are having the restricted policy in effect.
I am also having a non – restricted policy for the Novell administrator &
I notice that when the Novell admin login to the local Windows XP PC with
his user name & password the Novell Admin policy is in effect i.e. non –
restricted policy but after the Novell admin logout and if the user by-
pass the Novell login and login as local administrator of Windows XP then
there is no restriction.
My requirement is to lockdown the Windows XP system completely for the
normal users in such a way that even if they by – pass the Novell login
and login as Windows XP administrator, the local system remain restricted
and only when the Novell admin will login then there will be no
I am not having any Microsoft ADS network, I am using Novell Netware 6.5 &
ZEN Work 6.5 on NetWare.
It will be very helpful if any one can provide me the solution regarding
Thanking you.