is there a way to force the caching mode of the application launcher regardless of the nds connection state.
I have roaming users which are working sometimes in location a, b or c. All these locations are connected together
and reside in the same nds tree (partitioned of course). If one user from location a works temporary in location b and logs
on to the network the startup of the applauncher is extremly slow. Of cource, this is a natural thing. This user is reading the
appobjects from a remote partition. What i want to do is... let this user simply in caching mode. I could force this behaivour
with some startup scripts which checks the actual ip network. Home and Shared Drive mapping would be done regardless of the location.
Till now i could not find the actual switch which is really doing this.

We are using ZFD6.5 SP1a on WinXP Pro

Any Ideas ?