I am running Zen 6.5 SP1 and I just got some new machines with
Windows XP SP2. I am trying to use DLU (Dynamic Local User) for the
students and it keeps saying: "You have attempted to login from an
invalid workstation". It works fine for the teachers and the staff

The students are made part of Users or Guests. The teachers and staff
are made part of Admins.

I've tried to create a test OU, then create a test policy with Dynamic
Local user enabled. I works successfully if I make the users members of
Admins but it doesn't work if I make them a member of Users.

I'm running Novell Client 4.91 and Zen 6.5 SP1 agent.

The DLU also works fine with some Windows 2000 machines that I have been
running for a while.