Here's our setup
Zen 6.5sp1a
win xp workstations (sp1 and sp2)
agents vary: some agent 4, some agent 65, some agent 65sp1a

SOME of our machines will sporadically take all other policy settings,
but NOT the correct proxy address/home page we have set. this is the
only part of the policy that does not apply. we can log in to a machine
right next to it, same user/group/policy package and the settings are

when I look through the registry..the HKCU Internet Explorer settings
show the wrong settings, but the HKLM IE settings show what should be set
in policies...since the HKCU settings are wrong, of course, the machine
never proxies properly.

if i run gpedit.msc locally and look at the User settings for IE stuff,
everything looks fine...

its almost as if the specific machines that have the wrong stuff in HKCU
are not LETTING policies edit the registry as it needs to for the IE

i have tried uninstalling agents, deleting user profiles, reinstalling
various agents.

the thing is that the machines that work vary in terms of agent version,
so the problems are machine specific...i just dont know what to look for
on these machines to appropriately address the problem

if this were any other "small portion" of group policies we could
deal..but since it has to do with Internet access...we'll hear screams
throughout our school district!

thanks in advance for any insight or other straws at which to grasp!
Rachel Cloud Watts