I have farm of Terminalservers running W2k, members in a workgroup,
Novell Client 4.91 ZenfD and Citrix MF Xpa FR3/SP4.(the logons
are to an eDir) Everything's working great.
When I "upgraded" a server to W2k3 I run on some problems.
The ZenfD 4 agent doesn't work with W2k3, but I read that the 6.5-agent
is compatible with zen 6.5 or older. When I rebooted the machine it
halted and I got a bluescreen, but when I installed W2k3 Sp1, that
problem disappeared.
I have just one major problem left, and that's the logon process.
When I logs in to eDir I get the workstation-login-box. (if the user
doesn't exist on the servers 'local user and computers'). When I create
the same username/password as in eDir in 'Local users and computers',
the login was sucessful.
I don't want to do this for 200 users. I have ZENworks DLU policys
configured. It works fine on our Windows 2000 servers, but not on the
one with Windows 2003.

Does anyone have a idea what to do? Do I have to go back to W2k again?