Can I use client32 and zenagent simultaneously?
What I want to do is:

Install a basic netware server at a remote site with all our fil files on it.
This server will have a replica containing local user and workstation objects.
Workstations will have both client32 and the zen agent installed. The zen agent will point to a middle tier server at head office.

The agent will go off to middle tier to find the application objects, policies, do inventory etc etc but the client32 will talk to the local server to grab the files (fils) map drives etc etc.

I'm thinking that this is a good scenario as http will be faster to get to the objects through the middle tier server than client32 will be using NCP.

Am I right in thinking this and will it work or will client32 just run roughshod over the agent and make all connections using NCP?

Thanks for any help