I have a very strange problem with Dynamic local user not working for
students in Windows XP. They are made part of Users/Power users/Guests.
(I've tried all of them). It works fine for teachers/staff who are made
part of Admins. It also works fine for all of my Windows 2000 machines I
have. It's just the XP machines that are having trouble.

I get the Windows Security message "You have attempted to login from an
invalid workstation".

I am running Windows XP SP1 and SP2, same issue with both. I have tried
Novell Client 4.90 SP2 and 4.91. I am running Zen 6.5 SP1 on the server
and I've tried the Zen 6.5 SP1 agent and the zen 6.5 update 2 agent.

I've done a lot of testing with different configurations. It seems that
DLU stops working for the students after installing certain Windows
updates and also after I install Microsoft office 2003. For example, I
install a clean Windows XP OS, install Novell client 4.91, then install
Zen agent 6.5 sp1. At this point, DLU works fine. But as soon as I go
to the windows update web site and perform certain updates, DLU stops
working for the students.

The updates post WIN XP SP1 are KBB 893066, 828741, 873333, 891781,
windows installer 3.1, kbb 890830, 892944, 890923, 887472, 885835,
873339, 885836.

I've looked through the knowledgebase and I haven't found anything...

I've tried creating a test OU, and a test policy and I get the same
issue. I've spent days on this trying to figure out what's causing it.

I'm going crazy here... can anybody help???