I need names and phone numbers of people in middle Tennessee like us that
would be willing to talk to us about ZENworks and your views. We tried to
get this from our sales rep in Tennessee and so far nothing.

We currently are running five Novell 6 servers, BorderManager, and
GroupWise. We use edir to manager the user accounts. There are 4 Windows
server of different flavors from NT to 2003. We have a fellow on campus
that is actively trying to convince the administration that we need to
replace all of our Novell products with Microsoft. This started after a
few of us pointed out that the workstations were not being patched and
the time spent fixing workstation problems was extensive. We suggested
pulling in ZEN and that is when it hit the fan. He has been calling
schools asking if that use ZEN or Novell and is calling schools I believe
he knows doesnt. I spoke about this and was asked to get a list of users
close to us for us to speak to.

We are three private schools on the same campus in Tennessee. We have a
pre-K thru 8, a high school, and a college with 4 major programs. Campus
is about 1800 students and 200 staff.

Again, if you would be willing to speak to us or know of anyone that
might talk to us we would like to share information with them. You can
privately e-mail me so we dont tie up the forum at
caind@ stcecilia.edu. Just remove the extra space after the @ .