Hi All,

I'm having some trouble with DLU I'm hoping you can help me out with.
I've built our production servers and have extended the schema with ZfD.
The issue is that after successfully authenticating to the Directory the
user is prompted for his Windows Workstation password.

My directory structure looks like this (from the problem OU):

|---User Accounts for each year

I created a container package in SVHS with a search policy, trying all
variations of the search policy (root, associated container, object
container). The package is associated with SVHS although I've also tried
associating it with STUDENTS.SVHS and 2005.STUDENTS.SVHS.

In the POLICIES OU I have a user package with DLU turned on for
NT-2000-XP. "Enable DLU" is checked as well as "Manage Existing user
account" and "Use eDirectory Credentials". This package has been
associated with everything from the SVHS OU down to individual student

The annoying thing is that the workstations I'm trying to use this from
still work against the demo server (different tree) a consultant set up
for us. I've compared what I have done with what's on the demo server
and they look the same to me. Any ideas?

BTW, before I send this off I decided to try ndstrace with AUTH
activated. The result looks like this:

1 DSAFinishAuthentication.
2 DSAFinishAuthentication.
3 DSAFinishAuthentication.
[0000874f] <.1354807.2005.STUDENTS.SVHS.SVUSD.SVUSD_TREE.>
Authenticated. Error success, conn: 47.
4 DSAFinishAuthentication.
Starting SEV calculation for conn 47, entry
1 GlobalGetSEV.
4 GlobalGetSEV succeeded.
SEV calculation complete for conn 47, (0:1 s:ms).

"Error Success" is disconcerting, but maybe that's what it is supposed
to say?

Chris Hobbs Silver Valley Unified School District
Head geek: Technology Services Coordinator
webmaster: http://www.silvervalley.k12.ca.us/~chobbs/
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