I am not sure if this is the correct forum for this question or the iPrint forum. I will post here and maybe in the iPrint forum later. The question pertains to both iPrint and ZENworks policies.

I am using Citrix MetaFrame Presentation Server on top of Windows Server 2003. This installation was seperated from our eDirectory tree. We would now like to use eDirectory users against this setup, however, we are encountering some road blocks.

Citrix users require access to printers. The printers on the system are configured in Active Directory, but eDirectory users created with DLU in ZENworks 6.5 are not able to see these (as they are not AD users). We opted to create an iPrint policy to install these printers corresponding NDPS/iPrint objects.

The problem is all the users who use Citrix access through the web portal. Citrix doesn't consider it a true desktop login and explorer never loads, as a result, they are unable to install or view the installed printers. The Windows admin says this is because the printers are considered network printers and not local printers. Does anyone know a way to present these printers to users in such a Citrix/ZENworks configuration?

The only alternative (which I do not like) seems to be migrating all the user accounts to AD.