Dear Novell-experts.

I'm an administrator of our school's network environment with about 5000
users and 1000 Pcs. We have recently upgraded to NetWare and ZEN-Works
6.5. (With brand-new servers) We use roaming profiles but when applying
rp and ZEN we encounter a problem with login - it takes about two minutes
from pressing the Login-button to the message "Applying personal
settings" emerge. During this time the screen goes black with only the
cursor showing. Users think that there is something wrong with the PC and
turns it off and this creates frustration.

Without rp and ZEN login is "lightning fast".

Roaming Profiles is no more than 4 - 5 MB in size. Link speed is 100

Does anyone know what we can do about this? We've tried to analyze the
userenv.log but sees nothing odd in this file.

Help would be extremely appr.

Yours Sincerely
Patrik Gustafsson.