We have Zen 6.5 sp1b with middle tier server running on a W2003 server. We
have had a problem occur twice now were the end users login credentials are
not being passed correctly to the middle tier server. The users are on W2k
or XP and they are running in agent only config (no client). The symptom is
that the user tries to login and makes it past the Windows login but is
then prompted for with the Zenworks login. The Zenworks login does not
accept the credentials. If, however, the end user uses their distinguished
name at the Zenworks login screen they are authenticated correctly. The
last time this occured it was a Saturday and I ended up restarting the
server but it did not help. I had to then go do something else for the
rest of the day and as no users were affected on Saturday I did not come
back to the issue until Sunday at which time the issue had miraculously
gone away. This time it is Tuesday and I need to figure out what on earth
is going on...

Any ideas on this would be much appreciated as I have run out of ideas myself.