I have been working on creating a new user policy package for our
students. We have individual student log ins and as a result I have been
trying to get DLU to use one generic student account. This doesn't seem
to be working very well though, every time I log in as a user associated
with this package, it creates the workstation profile just as it should.
However, when I log out or restart and then log back in, it creates
ANOTHER profile named student-machinename. It does this every time I log
in and just keeps creating these directories and adding
a .000, .001, .002, etc extension. I have listed below the configuration
I set up and I see nothing wrong with it, but it doesn't seem to work.
Any help is greatly appreciated!!

Policy Config:
1. User Policy Package
2. Windows NT-2000-XP Tab
3. Dynamic Local User checked
4. Enable Dynamic Local User is checked
5. Manage existing user account (if any) is checked
6. Use eDirectory Credentials is NOT checked
7. In the user name space the user is student
8. Member of: Users

Once again, thanks and any help is appreciated.

Joey Kinney