I installed a W2K Sp4 machine with ZfD Agent 6.5 only (No
Client32). This machine should act as a machine for our
sales reps which only needs access to the software
distribiution via NAL. So I turned of the XTrier login using
the DWORD: DisablePassiveModeLogin=1 under
HKLM\Software\Novell\LgnXtier. So only the W2K Login come up
and the login to the workstation is very fast.

But now I need a way to run the Xtier login dialog. I know
that I can run it e.g. using the MyApps.html but I would
like to have an Icon on the Desktop which the user can
click. As far as I know there is no "Login.exe" with the
agent. But there are several DLLs like LGNXTR.DLL or
NetIdent.dll and so on but I have no idea which of them
brings up the login dialog and how I can run it.

Can anyone help?