We need to update the iPrint printers on all our user workstations without
them having to go thru a double reboot process.

We have a NAL object which will remove the printers fine. If we reboot, the
printers will install fine from the iPrint policy. Ideally, we don't want to
have the users reboot at all.... Is there any way to force a policy to run
from a command line?

We've been fiddling with wmsched and various other ways to try and force the
policy to run, but we can't seem to make it fire... We did have some success
running the NAL app as a task within the iPrint policy, but there were
timing issues with it, and on some test machines it ended up running the
deletion at the same time as iPrint was trying to install it - so it got a
little confused at that point.

Does anyone have a suggestion.....? We can obviously do it by running the
iprntcmd to add the printer back in, but it's a bit of a hack (then again,
so is having to delete the printer to get it to update).