Has anyone attempted to install presentation server 4 in their Novell /
Citrix environment?

I have installed Windows Server 2003, Novell Client 4.91, Citrix
Presentation Server 4, and the ZENworks 6.5 SP1b agent in our build. We
have found that the agent seems to break the server (ie, you can log in
at the console as the local administrator, and it will just hang there.)

We have worked around this problem by reverting to an earlier version of
PS (PS3.0) to get us going.

However, there are some features in PS4.0 that I would really like to
use, and I was just wondering if anyone else has attempted such an
installation. I am aware that PS4.0 is only a new release, and Novell may
not have support for it yet, just thought there might be some registry
changes that may have to be made on the server...