I am looking into the Asset Management for Zen 6.5 and it looks like another
product that went the way of Patch Management. That is to say it does not
run on a NetWare box, What's going on here? I don't want to keep adding more
services to my Windows servers, if I wanted to do that I would migrate to AD
(the very thought makes me ill). Seriously, though, IMHO Novell should not
release a product such as Patch Management (and now, apparently Asset
Management) and put the good name of Zenworks to it. If they want to be a
third party reseller, that's fine. I will always be a loyal customer but I
get concerned when a few key products such as PM and AM tout the Zenworks
name but have really nothing to do with Zenworks or NetWare. I will get off
the soapbox now....
Richard G.