I've noticed that if I change the group membership for a DLU policy, the
next time affected users login they will be treated as new users. For
example: I have non-volitile users associated with a Users DLU policy...then
I change them so that they associated with the Power Users DLU policy
instead...when they login, they no longer have access to their previous
desktop settings (they are treated, by Windows, as new users).

This is a problem because the only way I can use the Application Launcher to
install software (NetWare Client updates, for example) is if the users are
members of the Administrators group. I thought I could work around this by
temporarily making them a member of Administrators, installing the updates,
then putting them back in the Users group. But, any time I change their
group membership, my phone rings.

Is there any thing I can do to prevent the user profile from being effected
by group membership changes in DLU?