Zen 6.5 sp1b
Have these snapins on C1.
Workstation has 4.0.1 agent, is up at login screen.
Attempting to update the workstation using the C1 snapins, fill in the
location of the agent, configure the agent options, enter the
workstation's IP address, a local admin name and password, and click on
Deploy Agent. It thinks for a minute, then comes back with:
"Workstatition (ip address) Failed - Unable to map $Admin share drive"

The only reference I find to it is in the doc which discusses time, and
verifying that server clock times are within a 10-minute range. I've
verified that the servers are in sync. Does that mean that the server
time needs to be within 10 minutes of my controlling workstation, or the
target workstation's time?

What else could be causing this issue? We have about 3,500 agents to
update, so we need to get rolling on this in the next day or two.