We are running Win2000-SP4 and WinXP-SP2 on our desktops, with the
Novell 4.91 client and the Zenworks 6.5-SP1b client. On the server is
Novell 6.5-SP3.

We are having great success in creating and pushing down group policies
for Windows 2000 clients. We are having problems with pushing down to
Windows XP clients, however. The gp appears to load partially, in that
ActiveX controls are blocked in the Internet-zone, desktop settings are
correct, etc. What isn't coming through, however, is the Trusted

We built the policy using an XP-SP2 machine, and we use this policy
universally throughout our tree. We have deleted and recreated the
policy from scratch, but we still don't get the Trusted Sites.

Any ideas?