I'm probably missing something real simple or just totally our somewhere in left field, but here goes anyways:

Zenworks 6.5 SP1a
XP sp 2 workstation

My questions are about Windows Group Policies....

Are they additive for user packages?

Here is a scenario...

"Person A" is associated with a User Package that has a DLU policy enabled to make "Person A" part of the administrators group. Also, the user package "Person A" is associated with has a Windows Group policy that changes some security settings, user configuration and computer configuration. When "Person A" logs in to a freshly re-imaged workstation, everything works correctly..."Person A" is in the administrator's group and the settings are in effect.
Now "Person B" is part of another User Package that only has DLU enabled to make "Person B" part of the power users group..."Person B" logs in to the same workstation and everything works correctly..."Person B" becomes part of the Power Users group and the settings applied when "Person A" logs in are still in effect. So far so good...now...
"Person C" is associated in a third User Package that also has DLU enabled ( have tried both Power User and Administrator group inclusion ) but under that user package there is another Windows Group policy that has one computer setting tweaked ( I know that security settings are not additive ). When "Person C" logs in the same workstation the settings that where there from "Person A" are now gone...even the setting from "Person C" s user package is not in effect...

Do additive Windows group policies only work on workstation packages??

What am I doing wrong? I check the box that says "Group Policies remain in effect on user logout" under the "Workstation Manager Policies" tab.

Hopefully this isnt too confusing!!

Thanks in advance