I currently have zen 6.5 installed running on a netware 6 box, im
currently trialling DLU and policies and am having a problem, it
appears the DLU works as it creates the local users, the novell
workstation manager then comes up with a message saying the workstation
needs to be restarted, once it has done this is will either come up
with the default windows logon as opposed to the netware client or it
will come up with the netware client, and after entering a username,
you are then presented with a login dialogue for the local user...

The machine has Win xp sp2 and is running nwclient 4.91 and the zen 4

I was always told that zen 6.5 was backwards compatible with zen 4, so
hopefully it is not to do with this....

Cheers for any help you can offer me..