We have been trying to implement the ZEN 6.5 SP1B through our school and
are running into a little trouble for our offsite staff. First of all they
are in a Microsoft Network environment in the location that they are in,
which shouldn't be an issue. What is the issue is that they have a login
name that does not follow our naming scheme. What we did to resolve this
issue was to make an alias to their user object that follows their out of
network naming method and should log into both the Middletier server and
Microsoft network where they are. I installed ZEN so that the ZEN login
screen appears instead of the Microsoft login screen, which still logs into
the MS network no trouble, but the problem is with the Middletier server,
it won't valiate the alias login. If we rename the user object to match
the off network login, it works, but we don't want to against our naming
scheme for these few employees. Is there a way to log into the middletier
server as an alias object? We have already tried checking "Dereference
aliases when resolving names" checkbox in the LDAP server object for the
middletier server with no success. Is there any thing else we can do?